Current Projects




                            Current Projects                                  


                                   Presentation: Trees & Rooftop Solar: New California Laws & You. A presentation for the
                                                        2014 California Urban & Community Forestry Conference San Diego, CA, USA, June 27, 2014. Presentation handout.

Article: Make Your Tree Care Business Solar-Ready. A trade magazine article for Tree Care Industry Magazine. In press.

                                   Article: Solar-Ready Roofs and Trees: What it means. An article on the findings of two workshops held in California.

Manuscript (in preparation): Solar Site Analysis for Arborists.  Applied analysis for arborists and consulting arborists
                                                         to determine where and when trees may obstruct rooftop solar energy collection. For submission .to
                                                         scholarly journals fall 2014.

                                   Field Manual  (in preparation):
Solar Site Analysis: A Field Manual. Complete reference and how-to for
                                                         arborists, consulting arborists, designers and professional urban foresters to analyze and mitigate conflicts
                                                         between trees and solar collectors.
                                                Draft Excerpt  low res sample ~12mb .pdf  

                         Manuscript ( in preparation): Building a Better Urban Garden. Design template for optimal production and access.
                                              For submission to several trade magazines.



          Form-Based Code regulating plan template. This template is intended to be part of an application
                                           package. The template is completed by the applicant to save plan review time. Extensive
                                           placeholder text exists in the document.

                        Garden Trial: Small-scale solar soil heater and portable cold frames. Patent application in 2014 if successful.
                                           Photobucket link to documentation.